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Meet a New Version of Yourself. YouthRecoveryCT Can Help.

For Connecticut teens and young adults struggling with addiction or substance use issues, YouthRecoveryCT offers recovery assistance, peer support, and hope—even if your situation seems hopeless, and even if you have already tried treatment and support groups with no success.

Meet people who know what it’s like to walk in your shoes, and let them show you a better path.

Teen & Young Adult SMART Meetings

If you’re struggling with addictive behavior, you’re not alone. At SMART recovery meetings, you’ll find support and learn tools to put yourself—not your addiction—back at the center of your life. There’s no cost, no pressure, and nothing to lose.

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SMART Recovery Explained on Youtube

Peer Groups

There’s more to your life than addiction—and there’s more to your recovery than coming to meetings. Meet people you actually connect with in a Peer Group, and join us for fun, free social events and activities.

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Family & Friends

It’s their life—but their addiction affects you, too. Join others in your situation at a Family & Friend Meeting. Together, we navigate our loved ones’ addictions and learn to cope with feelings of helplessness, fear, and anger.

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