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Alternative Peer Groups

Alternative Peer Groups (APGs) are positive, facilitated, safe, and supportive groups of young people in recovery that do fun, sober, pro-social activities together.

APGs can be a vital part of a young person’s success in recovery. Even more than adults, when young people decide to stop using substances, they face a social dilemma: they need to stop spending time with friends who still use; however, they may not be accepted by peers who have never used. APGs provide a facilitated opportunity to make new friends who are both supportive of recovery and accepting of where youth have been.

Successful APGs result in a new, positive peer-pressure environment that promotes healthy choices.

Youth who participate in APGs also:

  • Form a new, positive friend group and community
  • Gain experience with how to have fun sober
  • Learn new activities they can do on their own as coping skills (creative projects, sports, hobbies, etc.)
  • Learn new social skills including conflict resolution in a facilitated, safe environment
  • Develop leadership skills and confidence in recovery

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